Q.1. Are membership fees considered charity/donations?

  • Yes.

Q.2. Can donation tax receipts be issued?

  • YES; you will have full fledged receipt from Paypal with all details on it which you can use when you submit tax.  You may eligible for a $80 tax credit! And, if you’re new to charitable giving or have not claimed a charitable donation in the last five years, the rewards may even greater. Look at it! you’re going to pay $180 in a year (12 x $15) and you may get $80 back. In fact; you paid only $100.

Q.3. What if I am not a member but come across some urgent situation and needs your assistance to have some free grocery and medicines?

  • Not a problem at all. Let us know. We will surely help.

Q.4. Let’s say; I am member for 3 months and need assistance to pay my rent and bill arrears, how will it work?

  • You should be member for at least 12 months.

Q.5. As mentioned that The Charity Club is a new born organization. And the club needs certain number of members in order for us to ‘request the funds’ when and as needed. What if The Charity Club is not able to have certain numbers of members in 12 months time?

  • We will simply refund your membership money for 12 months with our apologies.

Q.6. What if I need to cancel membership?

  • Write us at management@ItsaCharityClub.com. We will process your refund with 4 business days and the funds will appear in you Paypal in day 5. We will refund 6 months of your membership fee. We don’t charge any cancellation charges. 

Q.7. Can I request “The Charity Club” to help me after Cancellation of my membership?

  • Our mission is “to help”. If you cancelled your membership after 2 years, its 100% sure that you will be treated as a priority member. But if you cancelled membership earlier, we will try to accommodate you as soon as possible but regular member reserve first priority.

Q.8. I am in USA, can I become member and can request for a service when and as required?

  • We started our services in Canada at this time. We will move to USA by the end of year 2017. Let’s us know if you want to be the part of the team.

Q.9. Is it an insurance company? 

  • We are not an insurance company neither affiliated with any insurance company. Nor we’re a lending company. We’re just ‘The Charity Club”.

Q.10. As mentioned that you don’t provide cash, rather pay it to lender or owner of the the house or bank. Why?

  • We are serious about removing your burden out of your shoulder immediately. Cash! you may spend for other needs and by the end of the day you may be short in funds to pay off the arrears. Smart idea! isn’t it. 

Q.11. What if in a situation that I will need assistance to pay my rent/bill arrears and at the same time I need assistance to cover up the expenses of my wedding as well?

  • We are committed to help up to $4,000 in all genuine condition. Our team will analyse all situation first. You may rejected and denied assistance if the case is not genuine for any reason. If everything goes right, you will enjoy assistance up to $4,000.


Got Questions? Write us at management@ItsaCharityClub.com  or submit your Questions here.