About us

We are non-profit Charity Club based in Toronto Canada. You! a club member, is entitled for assistance up to $4,000, once in Two years! Look at the detail below.



Do you need assistance settling down at the time of disaster/catastrophic?

We offer our club members “the assistance of up to $4,000 for Free”!

Here is the list of service/assistance/product.

  • Rent bank: We’ll pay your rent and bill arrears to the Landlord.
  • Funeral expense Assistance: We’ll deliver the Casket to your door step when and if required
  • Vehicle Financing: We’ll contribute to have a automobile for you so you could drive to make your living.The club membership fee is only $15 a month. Compare it with the assistance of up to $4,000!

It’s a trump card for all of us which may be used, especially as a surprise at the time of disaster or catastrophe, in order to gain an advantage.

Terms and condition:

  • All members are qualified to have 1 service/assistance/product once in 2 years (24 months).
  • After 12 months of membership, members will be qualified to request for assistance.
  • All members must have to provide required document.
  • TCC administration office will analyze, verify or counter check all information before member is approved for assistance.
  • TCC administration office will decide and finalise assistance money which is up to maximum $4,000 and minimum  $180.
  • We need to make sure that a member is genuinely strike by a disaster/catastrophe.
  • We (TCC) reserve the right to reject the request.
  • We do not provide cash. We pay direct to landlord, bank, service provider etc.
  • We refund membership fee too upon request. It’s easy.

Have a look at QnA where most of your questions are answered. If not; write us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If ready, Join us today. If not; still you can help by donating some money for homeless people, living on the street.